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The Perfect Guide To Gemstone Healing Powers And Their Properties

The-Perfect-Guide-To-Gemstone -Healing-Powers And Their Nature

Dating as far back as the Stone Age, the healing properties, beauty, and power of gemstones have been recognized and harnessed.

Stones have always had a protective, as well as a decorative function, guarding the wearer against emotional and physical harm. Gemstones were frequently worn and carried by ancient Egyptians as amulets and charms; Greek mythology frequently referenced gemstones, and many have been discovered in ancient tombs rulers.  Gemstones were part of Native Americans, Mayans and Aztecs ceremonies and initiations rituals.

Today we look to gemstone for the same reason. We wear jewelry to wear the stones close the body; increasing their healing and protective properties. Stones influence our energy; clean your space; attract wealth; enhance your intuition; increase mental abilities; boost your confidence; bring abundance; or even attract love.  

Here’s a list of some of our favorite gemstones healing powers and their nature.


Garnet empowers you in many ways, increasing willpower and self image while soothing your nervousness. The Garnet protects travelers and provides directional guidance.


Amethyst protects your mind against inner thoughts. The stone helps provides inner peace and clarity enhancing perception. Amethyst is believed to strengthen bonds in relationships by soothing tempers and emotions. Attract love and open the hearts with amethyst.


The meaning of Aquamarine is the water of the sea.  making it the perfect stone for any ocean enthusiast. Ocean enthusiasts are drawn to this stone cool and refreshing energy.   Aquamarine promotes good health and vitality, providing mental rejuvenation and washes away negative energy.


Diamonds are known for their purity and strength. Diamonds provide the wearer with inner strength. Diamonds aid with inner peace filling negative space with positivity.  A symbol of eternal love, diamonds bring abundance, clarity, and balance.


The gemstone of growth, Emerald embodies love, rebirth, and fertility. Emerald is the stone of Spring encouraging growth and patience.  This stone draws good fortune and happiness to those who wear it.


Moonstone the protector of the subconscious, is known for soothing insomnia and warding off nightmares. It holds an air of mysticism by nurturing the psyche and enhancing female power and intuition. The stone also attracts love and affection.


The Nobel Ruby is associated with prosperity and passion. Rubies arouse leadership, strengthen decision-making, and inspire integrity


The stone of abundance, Peridot borrows light and heat from it summer birth month to bring inner warmth to those who wearer. Peridot encourages prosperity and fullness in all areas of one’s life.


Sapphire is a stone of spirituality and devotion.   It’s known for bringing peace and fulfillment to one’s life. Bestowing spiritual insight on those who wear it.  Sapphire evokes kindness and prudence.


Pink Tourmaline

Pink Tourmaline is the stone of peace & light.  This stone dispels negativity while enhancing the feeling of tranquility. Pink Tourmaline bestows peace of mind to those who wear it.



Citrine the gift from the sun.  Citrine awakens the soul with its bright energy. The stone is a success maker, stimulating creativity and determination – transforming dreams into realities.



Tanzanite promotes self-awakening. It helps develop sensations of enlightenment and compassion. The calm and soothing hues unlock kinder sensibilities and higher consciousness.


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