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The Most Popular Colored Gemstones to Use for Gemstone Engagement Rings and Their Meanings


Colored gemstones are becoming an increasingly sought-after option for engagement rings. Besides being extremely elegant and unique, they stand out to the conventional diamonds and make for a signature engagement ring. In addition to that, you can also personalize the rings according to your taste and the stones meaning so that it is uniquely yours.

If you are ready to get hitched soon, here are the most popular colored gemstones to use for gemstone engagement rings and their meanings!


Alexandrite- LRochelle

Alexandrite is a gem that changes color and will definitely take your fancy if you love science or magic. This bluish mossy and cool green gemstone in the daylight is ideal for engagement rings. In the light of the lamp, its color changes to red with the addition of a warm raspberry tone. This ring is perfect for an engagement ring because it is said to strengthen a person’s intuition, inspire imagination and aid in creativity – all the necessary elements of a successful marriage. What’s more, this wonderful gemstone is truly spellbinding to look at!


Aquamarine is another popular gemstone engagement ring option whose name speaks for itself. This stone is the color of seawater or a gorgeous pastel sky blue. This timeless stone has been known to be a symbol of hope, youth, fidelity, and health for centuries which is why it makes for a perfect engagement ring. In addition to that, the sky blue and seawater color of the stone also embodies eternal life. It is also known that this stone has an incredibly soothing effect on married couples.


Amethyst was believed to ward off all intoxicating powers by the Romans and Greeks in ancient times. It was also believed to ensure the wearer remain quick-witted and clear-headed. This powerful stone has also been associated with countless legends in myths for centuries in a variety of cultures. The best thing about this stone is that it is not very expensive and comes in a vast range of sizes and shapes. This stone also complements both cool and warm colors and hence, has the ability to go with almost anything in your closet.


The color of the bright and shining sun, Citrine is French for “lemon.” The color of a Citrine stone ranges from being a bright orangey brown to a juicy lemon yellow. The majority of people choose Citrine according to their color preference and irrespective of which of its hues takes your fancy; Citrine can easily be regarded as a stone that brings prosperity and success. It is also a quite affordable and popular gemstone for engagement rings and can be bought in a variety of shapes and sizes.


Emerald is the color of spring, i.e. green. This stone has been a symbol of rebirth and love for ages. So, what better gemstone to use on an engagement ring than Emerald that represents eternal love? This gem is also known as the gemstone of Venus and hence, is known to promote fertility. This gemstone also represents eternal youth as Egyptian mummies were frequently buried with the addition of an Emerald carved with a verdure symbol to showcase flourishing greenness. The vivid green color of an Emerald lends it a vibrant look, and this gem is also considered to be pretty rare.

Final Words

And there you go! These are the top colored gemstones to use for gemstone engagement rings. These rings are as meaningful as it gets and now that you are laden with this newfound wisdom, we wish you happy shopping for your engagement ring!

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