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The Promise Ring She Wants But Will Never Ask For It

Not ready for marriage, but still want to declare your commitment? Well, a promise ring is definitely the best option for that.

If you are fortunate enough to be with the person of your dreams, then you’ll want to show your commitment to them and the relationship.

This is where promises ring come in.  

She should have to ask for it, show her she deserves it.

I know… why not marry if you already found the woman of your dreams?

Marriage isn’t that easy. You need to consider if both parties are ready for the next level before you get down to your knee.

You will need to consider the external factors of your relationship such as:

  • Are you both financially capable?
  • Are her family members cool with it?
  • Is she emotionally and mentally ready for it?

Now… before we turn into a relationship coach, let’s now consider why promise rings are best for long term relationships that are not ready for marriage?

There are plenty of ways to show how you are committed to your relationship without having to take it to the next level yet and one of the best ways is a promise ring.

Giving your loved one a ring to wear lets them and others know that you take your relationship seriously and you plan to continue to grow together long term.  The ring gives comfort and security to the one wearing it. It a reminder of your connections and love for one another as you grow towards marriage.

It’s not about how expensive they are, it’s more about the thought that you put into it.

Did you know? According to a survey from a 1000 female, 87% of women are really in love with you want sentimental gifts that required your time and thoughts.

And, with so many promise rings to choose from you have a very big decision to make.

Oh, don’t worry!

This is where we can help you.

We have narrowed down the most heart picked promise rings in our collection to save you some time and some mental overwhelming feeling.

The Halo Promise Ring

If you’re looking for an affordable luxury piece.

This 10 Karat White Gold Emerald Cut Tanzanite and Diamond Halo Ring is the best choice for you.

This Vintage inspired piece features a .28 carat tanzanite e-cut accented by .04 carats of diamonds. Perfect for a woman who has classic vintage heart.

Get it here.

The Ring That Will Remind Her About A Whole New World

Make her feel like princess Jasmine from Aladdin with this 14KT Rose Gold 6.73ct Amethyst Checkerboard Rectangle Cushion Cut .50ctw Diamond Round Butterfly Ring.

From its rose gold color to its purple amethyst this will surely captivate her heart to a fairy tale like experience.

Get it here.

The Bold Promise Ring

Perfect for a woman who has a very strong and bold personality.

This 14KT White Gold 2.19ct Natural Rubellite Tourmaline 1.90ctw Diamond Ring will surely remind her about your deep affection and stand for your love and promise.

This ring is also crafted from 14kt white gold. It features a center rubellite tourmaline that is a well-faceted emerald cut.  The tourmaline is accented by 1.90 carats of fully faceted diamonds. The ring weighs 7.85 grams and is a size 7.

Get it here.

The Classic Simple Promise Ring

If you’re up for a traditional and affordable choice.

This traditional promise ring will surely bind and constantly remind her of how much you adore her.

It is a  14KT White Gold .30ctw Diamond Round Bypass Ring.

Get it here.

The Promise Ring of Royalties

Make her feel like she is Kate Middleton with this 14KT White Gold Michael Christoff 2.35ct Blue Sapphire Oval .42ctw Diamond Round Ring.

The looks and inspiration of a royal couple.

Get it here.

And, there you have it!

These are the promise ring she wants but will never ask for it.In case, you need further help in choosing a promise ring within your budget range, don’t hesitate to contact us here.

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