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What To Consider When Having A Custom Made Jewelry

Do you have a special someone who deserves something beyond ordinary gifts?  Do you need something not easily available, something that has a special meaning to your special someone?  Then, you need a custom creation.

If you have been through jewelry stores and jewelry websites but you still haven’t found the perfect gift for that special someone —  but you don’t want to give up! You still want to surprise them with something that represents how special they truly are in personal and a unique way. You need to read this!

If your not familiar with the ins and out of the jewelry industry don’t worry.

First, consider if you need a customized piece of jewelry or a custom made piece of jewelry.

If you know what item you want but want a special engraving of a name, date or statement, then you need a customized item.

On the other hand, if you’re starting from scratch, with only an idea.   You need a custom creation. You will need to work with a jewelry expert in both sourcing the material and building the item.

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In this article, we cover topics to consider before you make any custom order decisions.

Discuss Your Ideal Piece of Jewelry with an expert.

Once you’ve located a reputable jeweler, you’ll share your vision with them.  The jeweler will need to know any and all details of your vision. Don’t worry if your vision isn’t clear, tell your jeweler what you know and they’ll help navigate the journey to your special piece. Collect any photos or sketches that inspire you.  

Consider The Different Components

Once you have your ideal piece of jewelry narrowed down, consider the different materials that you can use. What type of metal?  What purity of metal? What gemstones? What accent stones if any. What size or measurements.

If cost is a strong factor consider what is most important: size, shape, quality, metal purity, stone clarity, stone color.   All of these variables can impact the cost.

Review The Sketch and Components

Look at the sketch and review the materials again.  Pay attention to the sizes and weights of stones. Confirm the colors and clarity of all stones.

Don’t be shy or be on a rush to get the job done. Every detail matters and a jewelry expert will understand that by all means.

Make Revisions And Express Your Final Approval

Expect to review different options. Make any revisions until you arrive at the perfect solution.  Be 100% confident about all details before giving your final approval. Most custom orders are final and nonrefundable.    

At that point, the jeweler will commission the production of your custom order.

Remember, Rushing things can ruin things.

Note: In most cases, you can expect to pay more and wait longer for custom jewelry than you would if you bought something factory made. It may cost more because the materials will have to be ordered individually. Plus the model and the final jewelry will have to be produced as a single and not an assembly line — both of which involve time and labor.

We suggest speaking with at least 3 experts so you can feel confident in your decisions and find the right jewelry expert to source your material.  Find an expert willing to go the extra step to get you what you need in the price range that works for you.

Get a quote now.  L Rochelle offers full-service custom orders for all type of jewelry.  Simply complete the request form and compare. Risk-free no obligation or payment needed until you approve.

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